Author Highlight: Brandi Easterling Collins

Those who know me, know I love to read. So I thought I’d start doing some blogs on books I’ve read, and some of my favorite authors.

This week’s author highlight is Brandi Easterling Collins. Brandi is a fellow Arkansan which makes me want to support her even more!

I’ve now read all three of Brandi’s books. I’ve enjoyed every one of them, and look forward to her future novels.

My first find of Brandi’s was Caroline’s Lighthouse, a young adult novel with some paranormal/mystery vibes but it still has romance. My best friend bought me this book and I instantly was drawn to Brandi’s writing style. The plot of this book is both sweet and chilling. In the 1800s, a 17 girl, Caroline, was in love with a boy named Thomas, the lighthouse keeper. But she was promised in marriage to someone else. Caroline took her own life by jumping from the lighthouse. When Thomas heard, he went and did the same. After, the light house was locked and no one used it again. People claim to see a light on in the light house every year on the day they died, and the property is said to be haunted. In 1996, Caroline Douglas, named after the ghost, goes to the estate that has been in her family for generations. Caroline is 15, and her best friend Bo and she start witnessing mysterious things and start uncovering the truth behind the haunting.

Sounds intriguing right? Yep, I may have to read it again!

Since I loved that book, my friend also bought me Jordan’s Sister. I rated this one 5 stars as well and enjoyed it just as much! Jordan is a celebrity with a mean and manipulative personality. Taylor is her sister, who wants to be a singer and just stay out of her sister’s way. Taylor finds herself spending time with Layne, a former boy band member. The closer she gets to Lane, the more she realizes she has to protect him from her sister. To what length with Jordan go to mess with Taylor’s life? And will Taylor be able to keep Layne from getting caught up in the middle?

After two successful reads, I knew I’d live the next book. What I Learned That Summer. So first, I loved it because she has her characters in Arkansas! It is a young adult romance novel but it wasn’t so young that I didn’t enjoy it, in fact I liked it as much as I do adult books. Kincaid has been acting out and getting into trouble, so her parents send her to her grandparents lakeside motel for the summer. Aspiring to be a writer, her grandpa challenges her to write down every lesson she learns over the summer, and she learns a lot! She learns about overcoming grief, what’s most important in life, love, not judging people, and so much more. A lot of her lessons come from her new friend Joseph. And where there is a young boy and a young girl, sparks will fly and hearts will fall.

I truly recommend a three of these books and keeping an eye on author Brandi Easterling Collins, because I have a feeling the sky is the limit for her!

Follow her on Goodreads & find her website at !

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