Valentine Gifts For Kids (that aren’t candy!)

Valentine’s Day is one of the sweetest holidays, I mean literally, it’s full of sweets. And I’m not against getting my kids candy for Valentine’s, but anyone else still have a huge pile of candy left over from Christmas stockings ?? Yeah, me too. So I’ve been looking for some non candy related gifts. Whether you do something small or if you do a whole basket, here are some ideas for you !

1. Dress Up Gifts

My kids love dressing up as their favorite characters. You can typically find some pretty good deals on costumes on Amazon, and if you have Prime, you can get it shipped quickly. We are going with Big Hero 6 costumes for Valentines this year!


2. Art Baskets

Kids of all ages like to color, draw, doodle and create things. Fill a dollar store basket with new art supplies, and it’s guaranteed to be a hit.

3. Cupcake Kit

Okay so this one is sweet, but it’s an activity you can do together and it’s really cute. Fill it with some cute sprinkles, cupcake liners, cupcake toppers. You could put personalized aprons or bakery hats too!

4. Bath Sets

And I don’t mean those preboxed kits. Put together a basket of some bath time fun. Tub crayons, fizzy tablets, fun wash cloths, bath toys, soaps and shampoos.

5. Movie Night Baskets

Grab a new movie, a bag of popcorn, a cute popcorn bucket, and favorite soda !

6. Smell Good Baskets

Something for the older kids! Fill a small basket with perfume/cologne, car fresheners, lotion, body wash and candles

7. Money

Because who doesn’t love getting money? Dress it up cute with some dollar bill origami ! Check out this website for some tutorials for hearts , flowers and more!

8. Punny Gift Sets

Pick a theme and go with it!

Bee My Valentine 🐝

– burts bees products, local honey products

I like you a Latte

– coffee, creamer, Starbucks gift card, local coffee shop products

You got a pizza my heart

– pizza, gift card or an actual pizza!

Yoda best!

– Star Wars goodies

I’m stuck on you

– baby cactus plant!

Hopefully this list will give you some non candy alternatives! If you have any great ideas, drop them in the comments!

Live Life Big

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