Top 10 DIY Stocking Stuffers (For Kids!)

Halloween is over, so you know what that means…. Christmas! Oh yeah, thanksgiving too, but according to all the stores, it’s Christmas season already. So why not hop on here and list some amazing super cute stocking stuffer ideas! And most of these are simple DIY gifts!

1. Christmas Tree Crayons

Put all those old broken crayons to good use. The kids will think these are super cool! Find the full tutorial here by Functional Rustic.

2. Felt Snowman Puzzle

Keep your kids entertained , you could even make several different eye colors, buttons, scarves etc so they can switch it up every time! This cute craft was found at Mommy Savers. And the possibilities are endless. You could make a puzzle for every season, you could make Santa, a nativity scene, an angel, or even a paper doll.

3. Personal Cold/Heat Packs

Okay so what’s so special about this? One would think it’s kinda boring. But I bought my son a Spider-Man cherry pit pack at a holiday market and everyone has used it!! Until we accidentally left it outside one day and it rained and it got ruined 😭. Looks like I need to find some of these! You can easily make these yourself by sewing in whatever shape you like, adding cherry pits, jasmine rice, or dried corn, but if you aren’t that crafty, you’re guaranteed to find these are a local craft event or on Etsy.

4. DIY Rock Tic Tac Toe

So this is the cutest right?? My son loves tic tac toe! So I think I’ll definitely be adding this to his stocking. And fun thing is, you can make a variety of “teams”. Make it Christmas themed, their favorite characters, or just their favorite colors ! Jack o lanterns vs candy skulls, Mario vs Bowzer, Olaf VBS the sun, Batman vs joker, Cookie Monster vs cookies! I mean so many options! You can buy this set on Etsy at Rockthiswaystore.

5. Finger Puppets

How adorable are these finger puppets!! And super easy to make ! Find the full tutorial here .

6. DIY Grinch Slime

OKAY, so I want to play with this stuff, so I know my kids would! It looks like such glittery goodness! Find the full tutorial by Because Mom Says here .

7. DIY Kinetic Sand

Kinetic sand is one of the best things you’ll ever give your kids. If you’ve never tried it, I know what you are thinking. Sand? In my house? I don’t think! But it’s seriously so much easier to clean up than play Doh! Here is a DIY version but you can also snag a bag of it at your local Walmart !

8. Book with a craft

We love books and crafts at our house, so why not get a book with a corresponding craft!! Like this super cute rainbow fish craft! Find the tutorial and printable here.

9. Coupon book

I know lots of kids that would put these to good use!! Find the free printable here.

10. Mailbox & mailing kits

Not only would this be a great way to teach your kids how the postal office works, but it’s a fun way to leave each other little notes, that can be kept for keepsakes for years to come!! See how Kids put this together here.

I hope you enjoyed all these ideas!! Be sure to subscribe to my page.


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  1. Wonderful DIY projects! Rock tic tac toe is so cute!


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