Are You Pulling Them In? Or Are You Pushing Them Out?

One of the most common reasons people, even believers, do not attend church is because the church is “full of hypocrites”. Those of us who are Christians could easily take offense to that, and maybe we should a little, but we should also accept that it’s partially true. Can you imagine never really believing in God, but something in you wants to believe. You finally take the plunge and go to church, where you are met by strangers who never ask your name and look at you like you don’t belong. Would you ever go back? Probably not. But what if you were met with kindness, someone asking you to sit beside them during service, someone telling you that they were glad you came that morning. You’d likely return. And most of the time, you are likely to have both of these scenarios happen within the same church. So my question to ask you today, is which one are you? Because it only take one person either way. That one judge mental look across the aisle could be the reason a person never goes to church again. Or, that one hand shake and smile could be the reason that person attends church the rest of their life. We as individuals need to examine ourselves and ask, am I pulling them in or am I pushing them out? Once we all start doing that, we should have people pouring in the doors of our churches. Because the world NEEDS love, they need kindness, they need acceptance. It’s up to us, to show them God’s love, God’s kindness, and that God accepts them in any way that they want to come.

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