5 AMAZING Fall Desserts

I’ve been searching and pinteresting for the best of the best fall recipes. We all have that one friend that is fall crazy. They go nuts over all things pumpkin spice, lattes, pies, cookies, you name it, they love it. I am not one of those people, pumpkin spice is just not my thing! So I wanted to try to find non pumpkin spice dessert options ( which is actually harder than it sounds!) So what other spices do you relate with the fall season??

I think of apple, cranberry, vanilla, brown sugar, cinnamon, pecan and nutmeg! So I’ve put together a list of desserts with these types of flavorings!

I have not tried all of these recipes, but hopefully I will get around to it! Let me know if you make one and what you think!!


Together As Family has this amazing recipe! Creamy apple cheesecake, shortbread crust, and the oat streusel with caramel drizzle. How can you go wrong with that? This is definitely a make ahead type of dessert, not a last minute fix. Prep time is 15 minutes, cook time 45 minutes, cooking/fridge time 4 hours. But it sounds worth the wait to me!


These beautiful bites are from Glitter & Goulash. Your favorite dessert rolled up into bite size pieces! PS you can make these ahead and freeze them !!


This sounds like a lovely mix somewhere between French toast and cinnamon rolls! All Recipes shows over 1,000 people have tried the recipe and it is rated 4.5 stars!


A Latte Food has a latte recipes for the coffee lovers! And this Vanilla Chai Latte Coffee Cake looks amazing!


Joy Filled Eats is bringing all the girls to the kitchen for this sweet treat! Only 10 minute cook time, that’s what I’m talking about!

Do you have any must have fall desserts? Don’t worry pumpkin lovers, I’ll make a list just for you later!!


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