DIY Tie-Dye Shirts

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I’m always looking for crafts for the kids and I to do. I thought they’d enjoy making their own T-shirts, so I headed to our local craft store and bought a box of TieDye supplies. I really liked this set because it had everything we needed except the T-shirts and water!

First things first, to create this project you’ll need a white T-shirt for everyone participating!

Pre-Wash your shirts and leave them wet from the washer.

I already had white shirts on hand so I just dampened them.

This project is messy, so I suggest doing it outside if possible! You can do it indoors, you’ll just need a cooling rack and a sink or bath tub. And you’ll want to wash out the tub\sink frequently to prevent staining.

So now that our shirts were dampened we took them outside with our tie dye kit and cooling rack.

We each chose our colors that we wanted. And this kit includes lots of options!

I chose to go with a dark hues and blues.

Braden wanted a “hulk shirt” so we used purple and green.

And Emily wanted a “Bo Peep shirt” so we used light blue and pink!

Now that we knew our colors, we needed to shape our shirts for their design.

I wanted Braden’s to have more of a two tone effect rather than a spiral so I used a fanning method for his shirt. I pinched it together like you would if you were making a paper fan. I did this all the way across then put on rubber bands to hold it in place.

For Emily’s I wanted a more traditional tie dye look. I pinched together two starting points with rubber bands. Your start by pinching in the middle and twisting.

Continue twisting until the shirt is completely twirled, then use rubber bands to hold it in place

I used the same technic for mine.

Next you’ll get your dye ready by adding water to the fill line and shaking it.

Now with your shirt on the cooling rack, put on some gloves 🧤 and start squirting! Make sure you get down in the creases or you’ll have large white sections. If you are using dark and light colors, I suggest using the dark first. Otherwise your light colors might end up getting covered up with the dark. Using the dark first, you can pick sections to leave for your lighter colors.

For Braden’s shirt we did the top half green and the bottom half purple.

For mine and Emily’s we just used a random pattern of color!

The kids thought this was so cool! You’ll notice we did not use gloves. And I fully regret that decision 😂. However it did come off after a day or so!

Make sure the shirt is saturated for more vibrant colors!

Turn your shirt over and get the back side!

The kit comes with instructions on how to make certain patterns!

Now that you have completed the dying process. Put each shirt into individual bags and tie it up. You’ll need to let it sit either all day or overnight. We made ours in the morning and I took them out before bed time.

Take a shirt out of the bag and begin rinsing it with water. I like to rinse mine with the rubber bands on first to keep the placement of the dye. Once it is mostly clear, take the rubber bands off and rinse til the water runs clear. Continue with all your shirts.

Now wash the shirts in the washing machine with light detergent or just a rinse and spin cycle worked for me.

Dry the shirts and tada! Beautiful creations you can wear!

I plan on adding words to the kids’ shirts with my Cricut later!

We really enjoyed doing this project together and I look forward to making more!!

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