Your Perfect Skincare Routine

I am an independent beauty consultant through Mary Kay, however I am not receiving any extra benefits from the company by making this post.

There are several different types of people when it comes to taking care of their skin. Look through this list and decide which one you are!

What is face wash?

Washes face after wearing makeup.

Routinely uses face wash and moisturizer.

Has a beauty regime that is used once daily.

Has a beauty regime that is used twice daily.

Has a beauty regime that is used twice daily, plus specific need products used throughout the week.

As a consultant, I tend to collect products because I don’t like suggesting a product without trying it first. I’m not a salesperson, so maybe I got into the wrong business for making money, but I do my best to help women (and men!) find the products best suited to their needs, that actually work! Given my collection of products, I am definitely the last one listed here. But whether you are the first or the last, Mary Kay has the perfect products for you.

Mary Kay? Aren’t they the make up company? Yes, yes they are. And they have FANTASTIC make up. BUT they aren’t trying to cover up your face, they are trying to ENHANCE it. Make up is simply a tool to make your beauty shine brighter. And the best way to help with that, is to give you great looking skin first!

So let’s talk about your options. Because I have several customers who look at a Look Book and are confused because there are a lot of choices. Find yourself in this list, and it will guide you to the right skin care line!

1. I rarely wear make up, I prefer to use natural ingredients, or have sensitive skin.

2. I have problems with acne and break outs frequently.

3. I just want a simple routine.

4. I am 20-40 years old with mild signs of aging.

5. I am over 40 years old with moderate – extreme signs of aging. Or I am under 40 years of age but am looking for preventative aging products.

So now that you’ve decided where you’re at with your needs, we can narrow down the best products for you.

#1 You don’t wear a lot of make up so you don’t see the need in washing your face. Well let’s get real for a second, you may not go outside and get dirty everyday but you still take a shower right? Let’s hope so! So maybe you wash your face in the shower? Water isn’t enough to get the grime out of your pores, and if you are using regular soap, you are probably stripping your face of needed oils! You need a product designed for the FACE. Okay, now that we got it settled that you need a face wash.. maybe you are looking for something made with natural ingredients? Mary Kay has a new product line out called Naturally. And this is for you! This regime has a cleanser, nourishing oil, moisturizing stick, and exfoliating powder. These products are free of parabens, SLS/SLES, synthetic dyes, fragrance, and phThalates. But they INCLUDE almond oil, olive oil, cornflower floral water, vitamin E and more awesome natural extracts! This regime is also great for those who want a simple routine or have sensitive skin!

2. You have problems with acne or blemishes. Clearproof products are for you! This line includes a cleanser, blemish control toner, acne treatment gel, and oil free moisturizer. 3 out of 4 testers said this regime helped them get their acne under control, 98% said the regime was easy to use, and 8 out of 10 said this cleared up pimples faster than the other brands they had tried. Those are pretty good results!

3. There’s not much simpler than the Mary Kay’s Botanical Effects line. This line has three basic products, a cleansing gel, moisturizing gel and Refreshening Toner. You can get a Botanical Effects invigorating scrub as an add on product! Ingredients are derived from coconut, dragon fruit, and aloe making these products antioxidant packed and it’s been tested on sensitive skin! ( while it has been tested on sensitive skin, it was not made specifically for sensitive skin)

4. You are somewhere in your 20s, 30s, or 40s, and aging signs have started showing up. Lines by the eyes, smile lines, lines in the forehead. I get it, I’m right there with you, it seems like it happened overnight. So now what? Timewise 3D Miracle Set to the rescue! One great thing about this line is you can choose between oily/combination skin products or normal/dry skin products! This regime comes with a 4-1 cleanser, day cream with spf, night cream and eye cream. Why 3D? For these three reasons, it defends, delays and delivers! These products are also fragrance free (it does have a fragrance to it, but that is from the ingredients, not an perfume added.) 89% Of tested users saw overall skin quality improvements and 75% agreed it softened expression lines. ( Based on a 12 week trial, using the products twice a day.)

5. You are over 40 and are dealing with moderate to extreme signs of aging. Women saw reduced looks of deep wrinkles, lifted appearance, improved firmness and elasticity, and overall appearance after 12 weeks of use while using Timewise Repair Volufirm regime. This includes a flaming cleanser, lifting serum, day cream with spf, night cream with retinol, and eye cream. I personally use this line and it has been my favorite. No, I am not over 40 but I am looking to prevent aging signs by getting ahead of it!

There are also a lot of great add on products with these collections. But finding a routine is the first thing you need to do!

Feel free to ask any questions and I’ll do my best to answer them!

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