Toy Story Birthday Party

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My daughter loves Toy Story!

So when we started planning for her birthday party, we knew exactly what theme to go with!!

I don’t go too over the top with birthday parties but I do like to make them affordable to cute!

So here are some decently priced ideas!

I found these cute disposable table cloths for pretty cheap! I used them on the main dining table, under the snacks, and on a present table!

She already had a lot of the characters so I just sat them around the food!

Rex helped out by holding some balloons and keeping watch over the Forky napkins that I picked up at Walmart.

The table cloth worked great as added decoration under the gifts.

Walmart also had a toy story themed banner!

But here was the big winner of the day!

The cupcakes!

Jesse & Bo Peep kept watch over the cupcakes! Mary’s Kitchen in Russellville, AR created these beauties for me. And I made the Forkies to go on top.

Here is how you can make your own Forky Cupcakes !

If you are looking for these characters, here are some affiliate links showing you where you can buy them!

12″ Buzz Lightyear

9.2″ Woody

8.8″ Jesse

8.6″ Bo Peep

7.2″ Forky

7.8″ Rex

7.5″ Ham


Mr.Potato Head

Mrs.Potato Head


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