DIY Forky Cupcakes

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If you have young kids, you know who Forky is. If you don’t… this will sound silly to you.

Forky is a spork.


Toy Story 4 came out this year and Bonnie creates a new toy out of trash. She takes a spork, glues on googley eyes, adds an eyebrow, smile, arms, and popsicle stick feet. He becomes her favorite toy, despite the fact that he just wants to go back in the trash!

Forky has captured the hearts of every Toy Story watcher, young and old.

So it was no surprise that my daughter wanted a Toy Story birthday party.

I decided to make Forky cupcake toppers! They are really easy to make and they were a huge hit!

Here’s what you’ll need:

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White Spork(s)

Small and Medium Googley Eyes

Blue Sharpie

Red Pipe Cleaners

Hot Glue Gun


First up you’ll want to make Forky’s arms with the pipe cleaner.

Place the pipe cleaner under the spork with the “bottom” of the spork facing up.

Cross the pipe cleaner

Take the pipe cleaner around to the front of the spork

Twist the pipe cleaners to keep it in place

This is what it will look like after you bring the arms back to the sides

To make Forky’s hands make a bend at the end of the pipe cleaner


And repeat again, so you have three bends. Spread them out a little to look like hands.

Repeat in the other side and the arms are complete!

Next use your hot glue gun to attach the medium size Googley eye to the left side, and the small eye to the right side.

Cut off about 3/4 inch size of pipe cleaner, then bend it slightly.

Hot glue this above the eyes.

Next use your sharpie to draw Forky’s mouth. I used a variety of expressions, smiles, shocked and Forky’s favorite… freaked out.

Your Forky’s are ready to go in your favorite cupcake now!

I had a local bakery, Mary’s Kitchen, make butter cake cupcakes with chocolate icing and sprinkles. They turned out perfect!

You could easily turn these into a Forky toy by breaking a popsicle stick in half, and using putty to attach to the bottom of the spork!

Check out my post on our Toy Story Themed Party !

Don’t want to make your own Forky? You can find him on Amazon here!

Hope you liked this!


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