One Year Old Gift Giving

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My little cousin is about to turn one! So this has me thinking…. what were my kids’ into when they were one. What did people buy them, that I really loved??

Here is a list of perfect gifts for kiddo’s first birthdays!


Okay so maybe not exciting… but let’s be real. As parents, this is really exciting! One box of diapers we don’t have to buy ourselves! Find out if they have a favorite brand and what size they are in! My go to has been Luvs, for both girl and boy!


Babies’ brains are constantly learning. Giving them something that helps them learn is an excellent choice! And stay away from over stimulating toys when you can. Lord knows they get enough of that everywhere else! Melissa & Doug toys are some of my favorites! They are usually wooden toys, and I love that! They aren’t over done with lights and sounds. They are usually brightly colored and lots of shapes to catch babies’ curious mind! (Picture is Melissa & Doug wooden latches board)


Baby will start getting more independent with their eating. You can help them by getting them their own special spoons! (I wouldn’t introduce forks until they have aim under control!) I love the spoons & forks from Replay. They are a good size for baby to grab ahold of. The well is big enough that if food falls out, they probably still have some in their spoon! Plus, these are made from recycled plastic, so it’s great for the environment too ❤️


Baby’s gibberish is beginning to turn into words! Find some fun flash cards for mom & dad to read to baby to help them learn new words!


Going along with #4. Books are a great gift! Babies need to hear around 21,000 words a day!! Get mom and dad some new material to read to baby! I personally love Usborne books! And you can support a local consultant rather than a department store, but any book is great! Remember books with lots of color will catch baby’s attention. Bonus if it is a touch book as well!


Baby will be walking, or has already started walking. Kid’s outgrow shoes so often, they are always needing new ones!


You can make one of these easily with a file holder box & files. Have folders for different ages for mom & dad to keep pictures, projects & documents! You can then do folders for each school grade!

What are some of your favorite things to buy one year olds??

Let me know if I missed something!

Live Life Big!!

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  1. Nona says:

    Our grands loved the activity tables they could stand up at and hold onto while playing at the different stations .


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