Girl’s Vanity Desk

Shh don’t tell my daughter, this is her birthday present.

Emily will be turning three on the 16th. And if your kid’s are anything like my kids. You struggle what to get them for their birthday and Christmas every year, that isn’t going to end up in the next yard sale pile.

So we thought and thought about what she likes.

And turns out she really enjoys mommy’s make up.

But mommy’s make up is expensive.

Can I get an amen?

So how do I keep her out of mine, how do I give her her own “space” to get ready?

A vanity!

So on goes the search for a child size vanity. And of course you can find plastic ones for a decent price but all plastic tables in my house for some reason always end upside down.

Are my kids the only ones that do that?!

So I want a wooden desk.

Sure I found a beautiful one online.

For several hundred dollars.

I found one at a good price, but it was too big for her room, or made for a teenager not a little girl.

So I thought okay, all a vanity is is a little bench or chair, a table and a mirror. I can piece that together.

Off to hobby lobby I go!

Had to find the right size table first.

I found this sweet little white distressed table for 30% off.

This fuzzy little stool was 30% off and the perfect height.

A princess style mirror was a must and of course they had one, and it was 50% off!

Found a darling jewelry box for $5 at a flea market.

And a cat Knick knack to hold bracelets and we were in business!

Our little princess is going to love this! Especially when I add her own make up brushes , and DIY lip glosses!

This could easily be made with thrift store/garage sale finds but we were in a pinch for time.

Would your girls love something like this?? Have you put together your own? Would love to know!!

Happy Sunday,

Live Life Big !

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