Welcome To My New Blog!

If you are reading this, then you’ve found my newest adventure! My name is Chelsy, and I have always enjoyed writing, in all shapes and forms. Whether poetry, stories, books, notes, I love it. I’ve recently had a couple people say “you should be writing!” So here I am… writing! I am totally winging it and I appreciate your support! This blog will consist of several different types of blogs.

  • Family

I have been married for six lovely years to PJ, I have a five year old son, Braden, and a two (almost three) year old daughter, Emily. We strive to put Christ first in our lives, and our children’s lives. I want to be the absolute best parent I can be, but we are all human. And I plan to use all of my experiences, good or bad, to hopefully help others!

  • Food

I mean, can you have a blog without talking about food? I am no expert cooker, so you won’t find anything too hard here, but I am picky, so you’ll know it tastes good!

  • Inspiration

If I feel moved to write something that I think can help others. You’ll find it here. This will probably include how to overcome situations in life where you just feel stuck. Parenting, friendships, dementia, grief, for example.

  • Crafts

Painting, drawing, creating. You name it, I have probably done it! Or I at least attempted it! I will be doing some blogs on different types of arts and crafts, and showing you how you can do it too!

  • Lifestyle

Any lifestyle tips or hacks will go here!

I hope you subscribe and stick with me through this process!

God Bless & Live Life Big

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